Monday, August 23, 2010

Losing Love...Creating Mystery

One day I happened to notice a copy of a wax-like photograph on a table in my mom and dad’s house of a beautiful young woman with a Gibson Girl style hairdo seated on a chair. There was something very intriquing about her and I inquired as to who she was. My mother explained that she was her real grandmother known only as "Lulu," while her step-grandmother was the only one that she had known growing up. Further inquiry brought very little satisfaction since my mother seemed to relate that she didn’t even know the woman’s last name. The extent of her knowledge beyond her given name was that she died of pneumonia while she was very young and it was a painful memory for her grandfather who apparently loved her very much. As I stared at the beautiful face that seemed to stare back at me I felt the need to discover who she was and where she was now resting. She deserved to be known. What I didn’t know was that there were more secrets to be uncovered other than just this woman’s identity. To be continued....


  1. I know how many years you've been working on this, Lori, and I think it's great!! Linda Fortune

  2. It's a quagmire how the math works the further you go back the more people you are related to! Nice Job Lori!